Jana started practicing yoga after a few very stressful years. When she lost the energy to do the regular HIIT and Tabatha work-outs, she decided to try yoga instead. In the beginning it was to gain back the flexibility she had lost because she stopped dancing about a year prior and so she would at least do some form of exercise. She slowly started experiencing mental benefits, which she never believed would happen. She also realized it can be a challenging work-out if you want it to be. She had tried meditating a few years ago, but was never able to calm herself down just meditating, so didn't stick to it. She was astonished by this, and ever since have been wanting to learn as much as possible about the practice. So she went on to a yoga teacher training at "De Schoonheidsschool" in Hasselt, Belgium which she completed successfully.

The style she practices personally is vinyasa yoga, because it reminds her of dancing, which is very calming. But she also teaches hatha yoga.

Yoga has become an important part of her life, and it helps to create more positive emotions, thoughts and state of mind. And it can be just that for you as well. Interested in a private class or want to book group classes? Send us an e-mail at and we'll be in touch!