Wees lief voor je huid en kies de beste producten om je grootste orgaan te hydrateren en te voeden. Niet alleen voor jouw huid, maar ook voor jouw gezondheid (ons lichaam neemt alles op) en de planeet (de aarde ook). Gelukkig hebben we die voor jou in onze huidverzorgingscollectie!

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Zero waste zeep en cosmeticaproducten. Geen verpakking, geen nare ingrediënten, alle verzorgende ingrediënten, handgemaakt in Parijs.

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Wil je jezelf een geweldige cat eye geven, of misschien meer een foxy persoon? Geen zorgen, we hebben opties!

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Florissana's Antibacterial Hand Spray

We hebben onze eigen antibacteriële handspray gemaakt. Grijp de jouwe vandaag. Reinig jouw handen met een clean product.

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Exclusieve groene cosmetica

Welcome to Florissana, the webshop of Jana and Mathijs. We are two conscious people who care about what we put in and on our body. Especially so when it comes to skincare and makeup.

This means that, when buying a new product, we ask ourselves a bunch of questions: Does this product have good, natural ingredients? Was this product tested on animals? Was this product created in an ethical and ecological way?

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Finding the answers to these questions leads to a lot of headache during shopping. This is exactly why we are starting our own webshop. We aim to offer products which we know are good. We care about the questions above and answer them ensuring products live up to our standards.

This means you can shop without any of those headaches, knowing what you buy is good. All products we sell here at Florissana are never tested on animals, vegan, ethically-made and eco-friendly.


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We know you care, just like us, about your personal care products, which is why you should leave your e-mail. This allows us to keep you informed about us and you will receive a discount code for your  next purchase. Together we can make natural, cruelty-free the norm.

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